Fine scented, cut English roses, lovingly grown in the open countryside for natural beauty. Each of our 30 varieties is chosen for its scent and unique character. Ours are pure roses, as nature intended. Picked in the early morning, we deliver our roses within central London, or clients can collect from New Covent Garden Market and even directly from the field where they grow.


We stock 30 different varieties each with their own distinct personality.

About Us

When we struggled to find the fine English scented roses prized by our most discerning clients, we knew the only answer was to grow our own. And we knew such rare, natural beauty was possible only by growing them in nature.

Our field of just 1,000 plants, in 30 varieties, occupies a corner of a meadow in the Essex countryside, warmed and watered by sunshine and rain. Abundant ladybirds keep aphids in check, allowing us to minimise artificial methods.

Such natural roses offer something truly special for skilled, creative florists. They don’t have the uniform perfection or resilience of imported flowers that are intensively cultivated under cover, with chemicals and artificial heat. Rather, each possesses a unique beauty and intoxicating scent rarely experienced with massed-produced roses.

We pick in the coolness of early morning to maximise that scent, before preparing the flowers for our customers. These are roses for floral artists and lovers of flowers seeking nature’s most exquisite natural beauty.


If your question is not answered here please call or email us – we would be delighted to help.

How tall are the stems?

They vary depending on variety, but are generally considered short stem roses around 30–40cm tall. They are perfect for most low decorations.

How far in advance of my party should I order the roses?

The roses generally last for 2–4 days and open over this period. For an event, collection the day before is ideal.

How do I receive my roses?

Roses can be collected from New Covent Garden Flower Market in London. You can also collect them directly at source from the rose field. Special delivery arrangements can be made on request.

What do I have to do when I receive the roses?

They will come ready conditioned, cut and split, and supplied in water. They should be kept cool until ready to use.

Can I order by variety or colour?

With a wide variety of roses available, we recommend you order by shades of colour and we will make up the best selection.

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